Cabin Fever Activities

So what do you do when the weather and the family schedule doesn’t cooperate with your fishing needs? Fly tying? Sure – but you only need so many flies. Line making? Again – I can only twist up so many, especially if I can’t test them out to fine tune.

So what’s left? Crochet of course. 

So the Tenkara USA Sato is quickly becoming my favorite all-around tenkara rod. It is just so darn adaptable with the triple zoom (10’8”/ 11’10”/12’9”). I figured that a special tenkara rod needed a special rod sock. So I crocheted one. I like to call it a “sweater” instead of a sock – just seems to have more dignity that way.

So here’s the instructions:

  • Find wife or girlfriend that crochets
  • Plead with them to show you how to get started
  • Have them buy you some yarn, or purchase it yourself telling the check out lady at the craft store that it’s “For somebody else.” I used wool blend, self-striping, sock yarn.
  • Try not to whine and moan when it goes wrong (it will) and nicely ask for help even though you’re super frustrated that it doesn’t look as awesome as her crochet projects.
  • Crochet about 10″ of the sock…err sweater – realize that it’s not the right diameter, unravel yarn and start again. Repeat as needed.
  • Show project to crochet mentor often to elicit supportive comments
  • Stick with it
  • Take aspirin to ameliorate the aching hands (they will hurt – because you’ll be holding everything too tightly)
  • Finish. Post to Facebook and blog. Smilingly tolerate ribbing and taunting from fellow bearded and manly anglers, because after all you’re a real man and not worried about that stuff.
  • Oh and if you have any yarn left over you might make a sweater for your curiously strong flybox too.





what say you?