Tenkara and Fly Fishing Reading: Online Mags

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy with loads of stuff. But I’ve got a minute or two now so I thought I’d sneak a quick post in.

Well that fracking groundhog was wrong it seems – and our early spring has decided to abandon us. But fear not.

If your weather is not cooperating for fishing you can get a fix by doing some reading and looking at pictures.

The spring issues of

Tenkara Angler and Kype are available for your reading pleasure.

4 Comments on Tenkara and Fly Fishing Reading: Online Mags

  1. Thanks for the embed. And of course the submission on page 54.

  2. I really enjoy the “Tenkara Angler” magazine as its contents give many different perspectives of tenkara while staying true to the tenkara basics.
    Do you know “Eat Sleep Fish”? They often deal with tenkara and do it well.

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