Guest Post from Troutrageous!

So in an effort at some tenkara cross-pollination I asked Mike of Troutrageous! if he’d like to do a guest post on Casting Around,he obliged. You can always count on Mike for something interesting and usually not too deadly serious and I do like my tenkara with a dash of irreverence – I got maybe a little more than a dash. So I just want to say upfront…direct any and all complaints to Mike. ;-)

Okay, before you freak out, and accuse me of being some sort of tenkara elitist or a member of the “Children of Daniel” cult (oh, it’s real)…the pic above is just a joke…and only partially attributable to Yvon Chouinard.  Watch THIS and it might make more sense.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if Patagonia slaps their trout on TFO tenkara rods, teaches “non-traditional” tenkara techniques, or even launches a Nano Puff-clad army assault on Boulder.  That said, Yvon and crew just better stay away from grocery stores if they know what’s good for them.  Because if you think tenkara people are territorial, those “Whole Foods” people are freakin’ insane…

2 Comments on Guest Post from Troutrageous!

  1. A huge LOL to Mike for having the guts to even begin to poke a little fun at the tenkara faithful. As for the Patagonia thing – I have no doubt that they stole the idea from the ones who perfected stealing ideas and slapping their own logo on ’em – Orvis. Please, if you love Orvis – still direct all complaints to Mike. He paid me $3 to say that.

  2. Hey, ‘rageious, why stop now, man? You are definitely on a roll. ~Paul

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