Letting Go of Vices and Vises: Part 3


Yeah – it’s ugly. But I’m trying to let go…serenity now.  I could have tied a neater fly – but I decided to keep it messy. That’s very hard for me to do…even now I want to start all over and make it neat. This fly will not win any awards – but it will catch fish.

I presented some thoughts about no-vise fly tenkara fly tying from Matthew Shipp and John Geer in Letting Go of Vices and Vises: Part 1 and Part 2.  I want to wrap up the series with my thoughts. I figured the easiest thing was to make a video (what a pain that was). Hopefully I’ve presented a few more good ideas to add to Matthew’s and John’s.

You’ll have to forgive the squeaky toy noises in the background – my dog didn’t see the “recording” sign that I had up in the “studio”.

The material list is simple:

  • Sewing Thread
  • Eyeless Owner Keiryu Hook (available from Tenkara Bum)
  • No. 2 Griffin Silk Bead Cord – (just do a google search)
  • Hen Pheasant Hackle



what say you?