3 Comments on Video: Dr. Ishigaki Tenkara presentation in the UK from Discover Tenkara

  1. The presentation was very similar to the ones he gave in the Catskills in 2009 and San Francisco in 2010. The most notable exception was that this time he mentioned tungsten bead head flies. Paul Gaskell of Discover Tenkara explained that he may have left that out of his prior talks so as not to distract people from the core tenkara techniques, and that added weight is just for atypical rivers. Perhaps, but what is atypical in the mountains of western Japan may be not only typical but all there is where most people actually fish.

    Many people are attracted to the exotic nature of tenkara, but many have been put off by the way it has been presented. I just found it quite refreshing to hear Dr. Ishigaki basically say that on your rivers, if you need to get deep, using a bead head fly is still tenkara.

    • Chris, it’s similar to the UT talk too, but every would-be tenkara angler ought to watch this. It really does put things in perspective and clears up some ideas which I think Dr. Ishigaki has been falsely yoked with. For instance the whole “one-fly” thing. He states here – and every time he talks about it – that it is a technique developed on and best suited for those fast flowing mountain streams, where fish are by necessity much less selective. Of course, fly selection can be generally much simplified even for those pressured waters (which I’ve learned through tenkara). Even though, I’ve heard much of this before, It’s always good to be reminded. The other thing, and this comes through in the video, is what a truly sincerely nice guy Dr, Ishigaki is.

      • Anthony, thanks for posting this presentation. Not only do I agree that “every would-be tenkara angler ought to watch this”. But also, every new tenkara angler, such as myself ought to watch this. I especially liked the difference between fast mountain streams and flat water. And, as a suggestion, you might want to consider adding this to your Three Rivers website.

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