A look at the SmithFly 1X Pouch

A few words first – this is not a “review” exactly. It’s a “look at”. I haven’t had a chance to live and fish with this bag yet – so I can’t in fairness give a review of long term quality. I mean, finding out whether or not a product meets one’s expectations, regarding quality and performance, could take years, or at least a season. First impression is that I like it – and that it’s good high quality stuff. Watch the video for more.

I came across the SmithFly site and really liked what I saw, and so I thought I’d share it with you. SmithFly is a small company, whose products are made in America. Ethan Smith has some very interesting things to say about the evolution of his modular system and his philosphy on the About Us page of the site, give the page a read. One thing in particular that he said caught my attention;

“SmithFly is focused on making products that can, like my Great Grandma’s Butler’s desk and my Grandfather’s hunting coat, be multi-generational. The things we make may even improve with age gathering a patina of fair and careful use.”

The SmithFly 1X Pouch ($45) that I talk about below can be used individually or as a part of a modular system. It can work as a part of the vest/bag/belt systems that they make – check out the full system at their site www.smithfly.net.

So for my thoughts initial thoughts on the SmithFly 1X Pouch check out the video below. On a personal note – watching myself in the video was brutal. Do I really look and sound like that? Oh well…

Disclosure: I contacted SmithFly and bought the SmithFLy 1X Pouch – albeit at a discount. I was not otherwise compensated.

what say you?