DVD Review: The Dead Drift

Dead Drift follows renowned Kiwi fly fishing guide, Dean Bell, as he stalks the prodigious trout of New Zealand’s South island. The DVD, produced by Stealth Films, is filmed in the Wilderness Waters of Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand – and after watching, you’ll want to book a flight to get there. The waters are limpid and the trout are large.

Dead Drift is not one of those extreme fishing films, it is not a story, it is not about the fly fishing lifestyle. Dead Drift is about fly fishing basics. In the DVD we follow Mr. Bell along as he fishes, and he points out what he’s thinking as he stalks, casts to and lands fine, fat fish (one after another). I had to laugh at one point when he releases a nice fat fish of about 16-inches or so and he says something about how it’s not always about size. The advice you’ll get is fundamental. Mr. Bell does not spend any time discussing, flies, leaders, gear or even casting technique. Rather he discusses how to analyze the fishing situation – prior to casting. He tackles individual trout, showing us where they are and how he is going to approach them – even considering where he can land them. It is a simple message – but one the new anglers ought to hear, and one that experienced anglers sometimes need to be reminded of. Presentation, presentation, presentation. Dead Drift is not an “exciting” or flashy video – it is simple, well-filmed, and fundamental. It’s all about getting the fly in front of the fish without spooking it, making the best presentation, and making sure you have an endgame planned.

Note – Stealth Films is now offering a discount on Dead Drift.

Stealth Films also offers other New Zealand oriented DVDs at their site including wildlife documentaries and hunting videos. I watched New Zealand’s Fiordland Moose which is about North American Moose in New Zealand (who knew?) and Himalyan Tahr. Both were well made and intriguing. Stealth Films also offers personal safari filming services so you can preserve your hunting or fishing adventures for posterity.

Disclaimer: I received the above reviewed DVD, free of charge for review purposes from Stealth Films. I am in no way associated with Stealth Films, and received no compensation.

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