Freestyle Friday October 28, 2011

Today’s Freestyle Friday presents grab bag of items with no commonality except that they grabbed my attention for some reason or other – which isn’t hard as I am very distractable…squirrel!

First up is Pokey LaFarge – this guy is great. Listening to him is like going back in time, but rather than being simply nostalgic, LaFarge’s performances feel modern somehow, I think it’s because of his apparent authenticity. I’m going to see him tonight so – woo hoo! A night on the town for me and the missus. For you all with Spotify. here’s a link to the latest album Middle of Everywhere.

You know those decals that people put on the mini-van that represent all the members of the family (including pets)? I never thought I’d ever get those – until I found the zombie family decals!

The Simpsons predicted it – not too much to say on this except, uh-oh. Three eyed fish found in a reservoir fed by a nuclear power plant in Argentina.  Found this on Gizmodo.

So you thought when you were listening to Feist, Radiohead and Wilco that you were listening to indie, didn’t you? Turns out you’re listening to Adult Contemporary – I just threw up a little in my mouth. I like Wilco, but I can see the point. Read this article, Has Indie Become Adult Contemporary, posted on The Record at NPR’s site. Very interesting.

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  1. I used to work for an environmental consultant years ago and one of our work sites was on the Hackensack River in NJ. I never saw any three eyed fish but some of the other “things” seen would make for a very interesting biology text book about the dangers of toxic chemicals in our waters.

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