4 Comments on via tenkaratalk.com – Video: Underwater Comparison of Sakasa Kebari Hackle

  1. Too bad he only knows one speed. Would have been nice to see what happened and other speeds other than “Jerk”!

  2. Hey – John LeJeune! long time no see, or hear, or virtual hear or whatever..who you callin’ a jerk? Good to know you’re still out there listening in.

  3. Hi John,

    The reason I only showed one speed is because that is the traditional tenkara technique–to twitch the rod tip to produce small jerks in the fly which make the hackle open and close. If you just swung the fly like a western wet fly or did a Liesenring lift, there wouldn’t be much movement to the hackle. Try it–it really works!

    • I’ve been adding more movement to my kebari these days – and it does seem to attract fish. It takes a while to change styles, but I’m workin’ on it. I will say that I’m not as convinced with this type of presentation on pressured C&R waters though. My experience is that those “educated” fish are suspicious of that type of behavior, but maybe with experience I’ll change my mind on that too.

      I think that this video brings up a very good point – test you subsurface flies and see what they do. I do this all the time, I use a 20 oz beer glass. It is very illustrative and can save time testing new patterns on the water by narrowing down your design choices.
      Thanks Jason

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