Some More Fly Fishing Art

Don’t worry – I’m not going to turn into an all fly fishing art website.   And I use the term “art” lightly in my case.  But I am having fun with the iPod touch and SketchBook Mobile.   So I figured that I might as well share.  So here is another sketch.


Trout #1 by Anthony Naples

2 Comments on Some More Fly Fishing Art

  1. I saw this art on Switters & Fly Fishing…Beatufiul use of colors. Do you sell your art?

    • Thanks. You know I haven’t ever had the opportunity to sell anything before, so I’ve never thought about it much. These latest sketches were done on my iPod touch and I’m not sure how they would translate to a larger format. I’ll have to investigate the options. If it’s practical I’ll let you know. Hopefully in the future there will be some original paintings and drawings that are not done on the iPod, but with actual materials.
      Thanks again for the encouraging words.

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