Blue-Winged-Olive (BWO) Barr Style Emerger


BWO Barr Style Emerger

Emerger: Blue-Winged-Olive (BWO) Barr Style Emerger Hook: Scud Hook, sizes 16 to 24 Abdomen: Brown/Olive dubbing Thorax: Gray/Olive Dubbing Tail: Brown Spade Hackle Fibers Wingcase: Dun Hackle Fibers Legs: Left over hackle tips from wingcase

I first used a Barr Emerger for the PMD hatch on the Frying Pan and Yampa Rivers in Colorado. They worked for me there – the only problem was that I did not have enough of them. I lost all of them in the sage brush on backcasts. Call me a wimp if you like – but I’m not a westerner and the thought of rattlers kept me out of the brush – I wasn’t risking a rattler bite for a fly.

This version is tied in colors for BWO hatches. Fish it deep with weight or fish it as a dropper under a dry. The pattern was developed by John Barr but I got the recipe from Charlie Cravens’ website Charlies Fly Box.

John Barr’s book Barr Flies is a great book with beautiful photos. Charlie Craven, who has a reputation as one of the best tyers in the country, has a new book out called Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying. This book is a great book for the beginning tyer – it will give you a great foundation. For the more experienced tyer it will improve your flies.

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