Tenkara Photo Contest

*Contest Deadline Extended to May 14
For a while now, I have been itching to do some some tenkara themed woodcuts – the problem is, I need some inspiration, I need some pictures to work from. That’s where you all and this contest come in.

I want to see photographs that express “What Tenkara is to Me”. They could be photos of streams, tenkara anglers, tenkara flies – or whatever says “tenkara” to you. I’ll judge the photos based on how they represent the tenkara experience. This is a way for me to get some inspiration but also a way for you all to share your tenkara experience. I can’t wait to see what you guys (and gals) come up with.

First Prize: I’ll make a custom limited edition woodcut inspired by the photo. The first prize winner will get the number one print, hand numbered and signed. Also they’ll get a waterproof double sided foam-slit fly box (240 fly capacity – see photo below), and a tenkara oval car sticker. I understand that this prize is sort of an unknown – after all you don’t know how the woodcut will turn out, but that makes it more exciting right? For an idea of my style check out the Tenkara USA Summit 2012 poster that I did (see below). That will give you an idea of what to expect, however the actual woodcut will just be done in a single color (black).

Additional Prizes: First 20 entries will get a tenkara logo oval car sticker.

Permissions: By sending a photo for the contest you are giving me permission to use the photo as a basis for subsequent artworks, such as woodcuts, paintings, etc (that may be offered for sale). I will not use photos directly, only as inspiration for other works. All photos will be posted on a page on CastingAround for all to see and take inspiration from (I reserve the right to crop and/or otherwise edit photos). If I eventually use some of the other photos for a woodcut then I’ll email the submitter and offer them a chance to buy the number one print in the series at a discounted price. In the case of a painting the submitter will have the first dibs on buying the painting.

To Enter: One entry per person. Send photo for entry in the contest via email (please limit attachment size to less than 2 megabytes). Include your full name, and a caption for the photo (if you’d like) in the body of the email. Please use your name as the name of the photo file (i.e. john_doe.jpeg). Email photos and any questions to:

Deadline: The contest deadline is May 14th, 2012

Here’s the fly box that you can win:

Here’s a sample of my artwork style:

Photo Contest Entries:
1) Treven Kuhn: Tenkara On The Gunpowder River

Photo by Treven Kuhn: Tenkara on the Gunpowder River, MD

2) J.D. Smith: A small tributary in the Sierra Mountains. J.D. says of the picture, “The waterfall represents the barriers tenkara angler sometimes face in the western flyfishing world.”

Photo by J.D. Smith: A small tributary in the Sierra Mountains.

3) Matt Donovan: A beautiful brookie from northern Nevada, caught on a sakasa kebari, netted in a genuine Japanese tamo.

Photo by Matt Donovan: A beautiful brookie from northern Nevada.

4) TJ Ferreira: My first time wet wading the Bear River near Grass Valley, California.Ah that feels so goooood! Even a novice feels like a Pro when using tenkara gear

Photo by TJ Ferreira: First time wet wading the Bear River near Grass Valley, California

5) ERiK Ostrander: ERiK’s fellow Tenkara Guides owner, Rob Worthing, battling a big bow with his Amago. Tenkara isn’t for little fish any more. For me, Tenkara is dynamic, powerful and beautiful.  Check out the Tenkara Guides Website.

Photo by ERiK Ostrander: Rob Worthing, battling a big bow with his Amago.

6) Karel Lansky: North St. Vrain in Rocky Mountain National Park, off the trail – you can only get there hiking through the river. And yes, on the other side of the downed log, there is an AWESOME little pool full of brookies and greenbacks that take eagerly my CDC & Elk. Check out Karel Lansky’s blog at www.tenkaraonthefly.net.

Photo by Karel Lansky: North St. Vrain in Rocky Mountain National Park

7)Thomas S: This pic was originally featured in this blog post on Thomas’ blog lifefliesandtrout.com.

Photo by Thomas S: Tenkara fishing on Nichol’s Creek in Wisconsin.

8) Daniel Galhardo: Daniel says of the image “To me the sakasa-kebari encompasses tenkara in a distinct image. It encompasses some of what I think most about tenkara: the fly, the simplicity, and great versatility. Tenkara anglers readily recognized it, western anglers want to know more about it. A great conversation starter all around. In a way the sakasa-kebari, with its hackle facing the other way, symbolizes what tenkara stands for: an alternative to western fly-fishing, with a reduced need for gear, a rejection of some of the long accepted norms.” Daniel Galhardo is the founder of Tenkara USA.

Photo by Daniel Galhardo: Sakasa-kebari tied by and being held by the hand of Mr. Amano.

9)Chadd VanZanten: Check out Chadd’s excellent blog post from which this photo came, from his blog How Small a Trout.

Photo by Chadd VanZanten: My first fish on Tenkara, Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Utah.

10)Dax Berney: Dax says of the photo “this picture…shows tenkara’s love affair with simplicity: Me, the woods, and the water.”

Photo Submitted by Dax Berney: Tenkara no Janguru (Tenkara of the Jungle)

11)Kevin Fricke: A fat 20″ Rainbow Trout out of the Blue River, Colorado.

Phot by Kevin Fricke: No Limits

12) Kyle Carlson

Photo By Kyle Carlson: "Fin and Rocks"

13) Hugo Selbie

Photo by Hugo Selbie

14) Russ Beck: Along with Chadd VanZanten, who also submitted a photo, Russ is a writer at the blog How Small a Trout. Russ submitted a triptych of a sakasa kebari for us to enjoy.

Photo by Russ Beck