Rod Giveaway! NIRVANA 400 from DragonTail

Courtesy of the folks over at NIRVANA on the Fly / DragonTail Tenkara I am very pleased to present a chance to win the brand spanking new NIRVANA 400 Tenkara rod.

From the DragonTail website:
The NIRVANA 400 Tenkara Rod is made for American streams and rivers with a smooth cast and good backbone. This rod will be fun whether you are catching small mountain trout, blue gills, or good sized river trout. With it’s long length and strength you will be able to fight larger trout in the 20 inch range or take on a good sized bass. The rod is made to cast both Level Line and Tapered Line very well with a smooth casting action. This is no entry level rod, it is a high end series rod that also looks fantastic with graphics that are made to stand out.

I’m not going to go over all the specs here – just head over to DragonTail’s Nirvana 400 webpage to read about it. Also you can check out Tom Davis’ discussion on here —>> Nirvana 400 review.

The Nirvana 400 is not out yet but is available to pre-order at a discounted price on the Kickstarter Page. Also on that page you’ll be able to order some of the new line holders from DragonTail. The new line holders are their take on the classic and well-loved but out-of-production Raji Leica Oni line holders. The line holders are also only currently available for pre-order on that same Kickstarter page.

I did not fish with the Nirvana 400 but I did do some backyard casting. I was tempted to take it out for a spin before giving it away – but I didn’t want to get it mussed up at all for the contest winner. I always like to try and cast a longish level nylon line with rods just to see if they can handle extra light lines. So I rigged the Nirvana 400 up with about 18 feet of #3 Nylon level line and gave it a whirl. After a few minutes of finding the right timing I was able to easily cast the line – so that’s a good sign. Compared to nylon the fluorocarbon level lines are no problem at all of course, if you’ve got level line casting experience.

Like I say, I did not get to fish it, so I cannot comment on it’s fish handling ability but judging by the photos from the DragonTail website it looks to have big fish landing potential.

Contest Rules and Details

  • Contest open now through Saturday March 23 Midnight EST. Winner to be chosen randomly on Sunday March 24.
  • To enter send an email to and please use the term “Nirvana 400” in the subject line in order to be eligible.
  • Contest open to U.S. residents only
  • Winner will receive a new Nirvana 400 Tenkara Rod, rod sock and rod tube.

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About NIRVANA on the Fly …

NIRVANA On The Fly may be a newer name to some of you in the Tenkara world. You probably know us better by our parent company’s name DRAGONtail Tenkara. NIRVANA On The Fly is owned by Brent Auger (the face of DRAGONtail Tenkara) and Brandon Moon (the face of Moonlit Fly Fishing). It is a company were all we do hi-end products for Fly Fishing and Tenkara. We love everything about Tenkara, both modern Japanese Tenkara style and non-Japanese Tenkara fixed line styles. We love fishing small creeks but one of Brent’s specialties is Big Fish Tenkara, for example trout in the 18 to 26 inch range (not ocean fish, salmon, or carp). We are located in South-East Idaho, where we are surrounded by just about every kind of water there is to fish. This has created many opportunities to meet anglers of all types. One of our favorite joys is seeing new people to the sport learn to catch fish and get excited about fishing with a fly.

2 Comments on Rod Giveaway! NIRVANA 400 from DragonTail

  1. Well dying yo know who won the rod!

  2. I got 101 email entries thanks for playing everybody . And the winner is ….. Chris F. from Texas. Congrats Chris and have fun with the Nirvana 400. And of course a special thanks to the guys at DragonTail for making it possible.

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