Month #1: Tenkara Shirt of the Month


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The Tenkara Shirt of the Month is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The opportunities that I’ve had to create designs for various tenkara events has been a highlight of my tenkara life. I love creating those designs – and I’ve always wanted to do more of it.

The Tenkara Shirt of the Month is going to be that outlet for me. Hopefully I can have fun creating the shirts and folks will find some designs that they like.

The first design is called “Tenkara Till The Cows Come Home”. 

The first shirt in the series is a riff on the shirt that I did for the 2015 Midwest Tenkara Fest (an event in the Wisconsin Driftless region that happened this past May and was put on by the guys at Badger Tenkara). With the memories of my own fishing trip this May to the WI Driftless still fresh in my mind I just wasn’t ready to let go of the “Tenkara Till the Cows Come Home” idea. The WI Driftless region is just such a wonderful place for tenkara. And I hope to return many more times. Much of the fishing happens in small spring creeks meandering through meadows and cow pastures. This design is meant to capture the rolling hills, and meandering streams of coulee country and, of course, the cows.

Wisconsin isn’t the only place you’ll be fishing with cows of course. I’ve fished with a cow audience plenty of times in Pennsylvania, Maine and Colorado myself. So cows are a sort of background to my fishing experiences.

Basically, every month I’ll come out with a design and make it available for pre-order for 2 weeks. Then I’ll close out the order and get the shirts screen printed. For all the details on ordering go to the Tenkara Shirt of the Month Page.

women's shirt mockup


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  1. Just a great idea! Thanks for offering them in women’s too. I’ll be a regular :)

  2. I like this design

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