News: New Rod From The Tenkara Times

Watershed print 798

The Tenkara Times has revealed a new rod in their lineup – The WaterShed 400.

I think it looks pretty sharp. I have one on the way to check out. According to the website it’s a 406 cm rod (which comes to about 13’4″) weighing in at 82 grams or 2.9 oz. It’s a soft rod aimed at experienced tenkara anglers that want a full-flex, level line rod for #2 to #3 level lines. If I like it I’ll get some in for Three Rivers Tenkara. And I think I’m going to like it. Oh and it comes with a carbon fiber rod tube too.

Read more about it here —>New WaterShed Rod Series


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  1. Hi Anthony. The Watershed rod looks wonderful. I like the font used, the extra high grade cork at either end of the grip, 2.9 oz is a nice weight for a 4 m rod. The absence of the purple at the segment ends will be a plus for those who did not like it, though it did not bother me one bit. The swell on the grip segment reminds me of the way the Nissin Zerosum and 川師 ( Kawashi, I think = River Master) tenkara rods are made. The TRY 390 is a very nice rod, imo. My bet is that the Watershed rod will be nicer and well received. First born seems to imply that other lengths are coming later.

    • David – I’ve had some time on the water with this rod now – and I’m really liking it. The grip shape is very nice and it makes holding the rod at the very end for reach very comfortable.

  2. Hi Anthony, I received a Watershed rod from Oleg about 3 weeks ago. Due to some horrible recent events in my family today was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to play around with the rod, cast some different lines with it and make some other measurements with the rod. Hopefully in the next week or so I will get to fish with the rod.

    For some comparison to other rods;
    Watershed 4m rod: wt = 80g CoG = 79.8cm Moment = 6.38
    Try 390 ; wt = 70g CoG = 84.7cm Moment = 5.93
    Ayu2 3.9m : wt = 105g CoG = 81.4cm Moment = 8.55
    Sato 390; wt = 74g CoG = 80.54cm Moment = 5.96 ( from Tom Davis’s measurements)
    Oni Type 1 4m: wt = 86g CoG = 59cm Moment = 5.07
    CoG = Center of Gravity, i.e. the balance point of the rod measured from the butt end of the grip.
    Moment = wt in Kg x CoG in cm. A ball park torque value felt when casting the rods.

    I cast lines of #2.5 3.5m, #3 4.5m and a Fujino Soft Tenkara line of 5m.

    I found that if I didn’t rush the cast or over power the cast, casting slow and easy, letting the rod flex throw the line, it lays the line out very nicely to full extension. The grip is much the same shape as on the Try390 rod that I also cast most of the time by holding the rod at the butt end of the grip and also find it very comfortable. I am looking forward to fishing with it soon in Pocahontas County. My biggest concern is it tends to be about 20 degrees colder there than at home and they’ve already had some snow there on the mountain tops. I predict putting a big dent in the firewood supply. Thankfully the rivers are at the foot of the mountains. ; – )

  3. I was able to fish with the Watershed rod several times last week. As with the Try 390 – the Watershed rod caused a reshuffling of my top five favorite tenkara rods. It is a joy to cast. Nicely balanced, light and the grip is very comfortable. I landed several rainbow trout in the 11 to 14 inch range and two that were about 20 inches. ( actually I think it may have been the same fish that I caught twice.) The Watershed is definitely capable of handling large fish. Perhaps stocked fish don’t fight as hard as wild fish, but it churned up the water pretty good before leaping into the air 3 or four time before coming into the net. Or kind of into the net, it was too big for the tamo. Landing the large fish attracted the attention of others fishing nearby, and for the first time someone recognized I was using a tenkara rod. A guy from near Harrisonburg, Va. who had seen tenkara rods at Mossy Creek. If you fish where you can use a 4m rod I think you will like the Watershed rod.

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