The Tenkara Cast Podcast: Episode 1

Anthony Naples (left) and Jason Klass (right)

Anthony Naples (left) and Jason Klass (right)

Hey all – I’m pretty excited to present the first episode of a new tenkara podcast called The Tenkara Cast, brought to you by me, Anthony Naples and Jason Klass of the Tenkara Talk blog.

The Tenkara Cast is in its early stages, and we’re working out some details still, but we hope to bring a new episode to you every month. In forthcoming episodes we plan to continue fielding questions from listeners and also talking with other tenkara anglers  from the Tenkaraverse. I anticipate that the Tenkara Cast will evolve as it goes – so who knows for sure what the future will bring. In Tenkara Cast Episode 1, we talk about Improving your casting, common mistakes made by beginners, how to find water away from the crowds, the future of tenkara in non-mountainous regions, tips for landing larger fish, how to read flat, “featureless” water, and more!

As always, I just want to say that I don’t put myself forward as any kind of expert or authority  – I just want to share my experience and what I have learned in my tenkara adventure, and hopefully some of what I say will be helpful to others making their way along a tenkara path of their own.

You can stream Episode 1 below (or here) . The Tenkara Cast page will have all episodes ongoing for streaming or download.

I just want to add – I know my audio is a little garbled – we will fix this in future episodes.

Tenkara Cast Episode 1

Feel free to post questions that you may have for future episodes in the comments.

what say you?