The Wintertime Blues Project – Accepting Submissions


“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

Last winter I put together a little project called The Wintertime Blues. I’m doing it again. And that quote from Mr. Vonnegut is perfect.  The purpose of the first volume was to collect. Collect writings, photos, paintings, etc… I am not the editor, I am the collector. This is Fanzine of tenkara and fly fishing. Grass roots, power to the people! You have something creative to say? Send it in. Poem, fiction, creative non-fiction? Send it in. I want it.

Many of us can’t get out like we want to in the winter. The warmth has abandoned us. The snow is falling and the roads are impassable, the ponds are frozen. We are stuck inside…. Well, channel the extra energy that angst into your creativity.

There is no editing by me in the Wintertime Blues. Just collecting. I will accept whatever you send in – as long as it is tenkara and/or fly fishing related (and let’s keep it to PG-13).

I’d like to get submissions in by the end of February and then I’ll bring it all together and make a PDF – maybe I’ll even put an eBook together.

You keep all rights to your work. The only requirement is that you allow your submitted work to be distributed freely. There will be no cost for the Wintertime Blues Volume 2. There also is no payment… It’s just a project for fun.

If you want to see what it all looks like here last winter’s edition: The Wintertime Blues Volume 1

Send in your work or questions to

Also I’ll post some updates and inspiration at the Wintertime Blues Facebook page – so go over and “like” it if you’re interested.

Thanks and get working!

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