The Wintertime Blues Project


So it has been a while since I put this collaborative project into motion – but it is done.  It is the Wintertime Blues. I won’t say too much about it you can read all about it in the thing itself…painting, poetry, essays, photography, comedy, drama and etc. and sundry….

There is a list of all 15 contributors at the end of the document…

Feel free to share, but only non-commercially of course. And all the rights belong to the artists and authors.

CLICK HERE view and download the pdf….

4 Comments on The Wintertime Blues Project

  1. Anthony, and everyone else involved! Such a wonderful project!
    I am sorry I was unable to be a part of this.
    Next time!

  2. TJ Ferreira // April 25, 2013 at 11:34 AM // Reply

    Nice job Anthony. Now it is time to write a spring time version. 8-)


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