CastingAround Year End Slideshow

I had all sorts of big plans for the year end post, but most of them came to me in the midst of fever and hallucination, so now they don’t seem like such great ideas anymore. So instead I just made a little slideshow. Although, I did break Troutrageous’ rule no. 1 regarding year end posts by making it too long – sorry Mike. I never got around to doing a good post on the Tenkara USA Tenkara Summit in UT, so I included some pics from that in the slideshow. While looking through the past years photo’s I realized that I didn’t take all that many this year. So the secondary benefit of preparing the slideshow was that I came up with the resolution to take more good pictures in 2013 than I did in 2012.

Thanks to all the readers out there. And thanks especially to all those that made comments – because the comments are what make it all worthwhile.

4 Comments on CastingAround Year End Slideshow

  1. You’re excused for being a rulebreaker. The music made up for the length. Really enjoyed the visual look back.

  2. Nice video and I didn’t think that it was too long.

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