Couldn’t get on the stream…

copyright 2012: Anthony Naples

Couldn’t get out on the stream – circumstances….you know. Do you feel the fall slipping through your fingers? As the leaves brighten and fall – so the brookies brighten and fade. This time of the year I feel like I can never get out nearly enough. The fall is full of slipping away. The winter is behind the hills looming. All that remains of the summer is the credit card debt from vacations. bittersweet is the Autumn. I couldn’t get on the stream but I did find some time to mess around with the new graphics tablet. The above pic is my idea of a brook trout. I’ve never been much for straight ahead renderings. I just don’t usually have the patience or the skill – I’m much more frizzled and scribbled.

4 Comments on Couldn’t get on the stream…

  1. I feel the same way. Just not getting out enough this fall and winter is chasing me (and catching up). Nice pic. Which tablet are you using?

    • Jason, the hound of winter has our scent…and I can hear its baying. I often wonder what it would be like to live on a planet that was not tilted on its axis, think how different a planet like that would be. I got a bamboo create tablet. I’m still trying to find a drawing app that I love.

  2. I’m still wondering what happened to last few autumns…let alone the current one. So many plans…so little time.

  3. I fished last on the 12th, man that seems like a long time!
    I caught two trout a nice rainbow and a small wild brookie, the first time I had caught those two species, I caught them on my tenkara rod too!
    I LOVE fall fishing the best.

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