Sometimes it’s the little things…a thread review

For some, the pleasure derived from tying flies is inversely proportional to the size of the fly.  Tying flies in the 20’s and even down into the 30’s is for some it’s own reward – never mind catching fish.  Small flies do catch fish though and sometimes some mighty big fish.  I’ve caught some of the biggest trout of my fly fishing career on size 24 midges.  However, when you get small the thread becomes a big issue.  You need a fine but strong thread – and for thread body midges I prefer one that is not bonded, so that you can make it lay flat.  I’ve never been thrilled with the thread I’ve used.

Recently I was tying some of those diminutive rascals again, size 26 this time, when disaster struck. I realized that I was out of black 12/0 thread. In the grand scheme of things not very notable but to a man on a midge tying mission it was at least a little inconvenient.   So off to the fly shop I went.  There was no 12/0 black to be found, so I had to buy 14/0.  I had visions of thread breakage – lots of thread breakage.  Sometimes 12/0 can be a pain so I figured 14/0 would be a nightmare.

But I was surprised.  This 14/0 thread was wonderful – I think I’m in love.  The thread that I bought is Griffiths Sheer 14/0 Ultrafine.  It is my new favorite thread for small flies.  I didn’t do tests – but based on the fact that I didn’t break it a single time I’m going to say it’s stronger than most 12/0 threads that I’ve used.  I am not an obsessive when it come to these kinds of things – I usually buy what’s handy in the fly-shop or online store that I’m shopping at the time.  But I’ll be ordering more of this stuff for sure.

what say you?