DVD Review: Aaron Jasper’s European Nymphing Series

Aaron Jasper of Trout Predator has a new video out in his European Nymping Series: European Nymphing – A Strategic Approach.  This is the follow up to European Nymphing – Techniques and Fly Tying.

I posted a review of the videos on MidCurrent – so I won’t do that again here.

I will add a word to the tenkara crowd though.  Although these are not “tenkara” videos they would be very beneficial for the budding tenkara angler to watch.   Most of what Jasper teaches in these videos regarding euro-nymphing techniques applies very well to tenkara.  Jasper’s message may sound familiar to the tenkara enthusiast.  He preaches the gospel of presentation and technique over fly selection.  He keeps it simple.  Don’t get me wrong – his fly selection is very specific and well reasoned – but it is fairly simple.

Any angler would benefit from watching these two videos, western-style and tenkara alike.  After all a trout is a trout whether you’re using a reel or not.

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  1. what a dredger !!! his rod tip really bounces with all that heavy weight he is slinging !!!!!

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