Freestyle Fridays October 14, 2011

Oddly enough I have other interests in addition to fly fishing, fly tying and tenkara.  So like some other fly fishing bloggers I’ve decided to add occasional posts that cover a wider range of topics.   I’m thinking I’ll call this series Freestyle Fridays, at least for now, maybe I’ll come up with a better name.  I’m envisioning that Freestyle Fridays will cover the music, books, movies and other things that I’ve been enjoying lately. So here we go.

A Very She & Him Christmas

Everyone’s favorite elf, Zooey Deschanel is back with She & Him co-conspirator M. Ward to bring us a Christmas album called A Very She & Him Christmas. Stream the song, The Christmas Waltz below. Click here to visit the site.

Track Listing:

1. The Christmas Waltz
2. Christmas Day
3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
5. Christmas Wish
6. Sleigh Ride
7. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
8. Silver Bells
9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
10. Blue Christmas
11. Little Saint Nick
12. The Christmas Song

I recently discovered a website called Cover Me ( This site is the ultimate for those of you that are as obsessed with cover songs as I am. I just can’t get enough cover songs. So here is a treat from an upcoming tribute to U2’s album Achtung Baby which will be included with the next issue of Q music magazine coming out on October 31st. Click here to visit the page. This is Jack White doing Love is Blindness.

This next one comes from youtube. It’s a really funny animal video that I think your kids will love – mine did. I just love talking animals, especially with British accents.

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  1. Sci-Fi Fridays?

    Years ago I realized I the thing I really didn’t want to do was hang around with guys who could talk about nothing but fishing.

    Life’s not one dimensional, why hang around with people (or bloggers) who are?

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