Tenkara Summit USA 2011

Many of you may already know about this gathering but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to give it a little publicity bump again. It has been two years since Daniel W. Galhardo of Tenkara USA made tenkara equipment readily available to American anglers. In that time tenkara has grown rapidly in popularity due to it’s effectiveness and simplicity. Around tenkara and TenkaraUSA a hard-core of group of enthusiastic tenkara practitioners and proponents has coalesced.

So the time is right for first large-scale official tenkara gathering in the country – Tenkara Summit USA 2011. Tenkara USA is sponsoring this great event and according to the event webpage (www.tenkarausa.com/summit) planning is still ongoing. The plans may not be complete but it looks like they’ve already got a great group of presenters including:

It should be a great event. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend (it’s killing me) but I did have the opportunity to design the above poster for the event. If you’d like a poster, shirt, postcard or mug with the image just check out my Zazzle Store CastingAround Zazzle Store

what say you?