More Micro Sakasa Kebari From Another Tenkara Blogger

Little did I know when I posted my last post on Micro Sakasa Kebari that there was another person out there that had already done so. There is nothing new under the sun… So I thought in spirit of full disclosure I’d give Karel of Tenkara on the Fly props for the awesome minute kebari that he featured on his blog.   And if you don’t already visit Tenkara on the Fly regularly you should add it to your list of tenkara must visit sites.

Tenkara on the Fly micro sakasa kebari



2 Comments on More Micro Sakasa Kebari From Another Tenkara Blogger

  1. Thanks Anthony, but just like in your case, there was someone else just a few weeks ahead of my posting micro sakasa kebaris:


    Doesn’t that prove evolution theory that similar developments around the world happen almost at the same time, unrelated to each other?

    I like your micros a lot, and you are going down to a size 22 compared to my “huge” size 20.

    Tight Lines,

  2. Is that a sort of zeitgeist? Things do seem to happen that way – it sort of makes you wonder. Sometimes I feel like I’m having one of those “Matrix” moments, and it’s all just in my head.

    Thanks for the link the the other micro kebari!

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