The Simple Mysis: A Mysis Shrimp Pattern

I’ve posted this pattern before as part of a fishing report – but I just happened to think of it and thought I’d re-post as a stand alone fly-pattern post. Let me get this out of the way – I do not claim to be an expert in the art of catching those huge mysis-eating trout of the Frying Pan and Taylor Rivers in Colorado. However, this pattern fooled several nice fish on those rivers in short order, so it must be worth something (maybe it was just something different). One of the main advantages of this pattern is that it is very simple to tie (no messy epoxy).

Simple Mysis
Hook: Size 14-18 (16 used here)standard Dry Fly (or whatever else you have handy)
Tail/Body/Shellback: White Anton
Thorax: Blend of white rabbit, white antron and Pearl Ice Dub
Eyes: Melted Climax Brown Monofilament
Notes: The tail, body and shellback are all one piece of white antron. I first tie-in the antron leaving a little for the tail, then twist the strand to form the body. Wind body, tie-off antron, dub the thorax, then pull the antron over the top.

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  1. Nice one! Mysis are great for those football bow’s. Caught some nice ones under I70 in Silverthorne on the Blue river a few years ago. Gotta love to fish “under” the interstate.

  2. Those mysis eaters can be real monsters and hard to land. I haven’t ever tried the Blue river, how does it compare to rivers like the Pan and the Taylor?

  3. From hearsay (I never fished the Pan and the Taylor) I understand the Blue River is more difficult/technical. Maybe I should venture out beyond the continental divide more often.

  4. Hi,
    I live in Erie, Pa and do a lot of steelhead fishing in the Lake Erie tribs. A couple of seasons ago, my best fly was the mysis.
    Seems as the fish couldn’t wait until one was dropped in the water. This year they act as though its not on the menu for them. I wonder if they found a substitute as a “main meal” in the lake this year?
    Fred T

    • I never thought of using the mysis for Erie Steelies. I make no claims to be an expert fishing for them, but I’ve had a few nice days. I have to admit I’ve done best on various egg patterns.

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