Chaos, Fly Fishing, Art

I’ve come to realize that fly fishing (and fly tying) for me is largely a matter of trying to salvage some semblance of order from a chaotic world. This “order” may be an illusion, but it is a practical magic that has an effect on the real world. Art is much the same for me – I try to mine the chaotic noise of my brain and allow some type of form to emerge from the tumult. This struggle to dominate chaos may ultimately be futile, as the laws of thermodynamics tell us, but to steal a line from John Lennon: “Whatever gets you through the night ‘salright, ‘salright”. Fly fishing and artistic expression help me make it through the night and that’s alright.

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  1. I read your post a few times before I got it. It does make sense after all. Great philosophy you applied on fishing and art. Oh forgot to complement your picture – great! Capt. Brad from New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters (

    • I can’t control much, maybe I can’t control anything. But – when I get on the trout stream, fly rod in hand, I at least feel that I’ve got some control. The currents, the fish, the bugs are all out of my control – but I can tame them with the fly rod and the fly. I can choose the fly – and fish it how I want, and usually have some success.

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