Daily Fly Fishing Poem #16: Council of the Fishes

Fall Stream by Anthony Naples

I’m a day behind – but it is not my fault, I swear. Last night when I tried to post the daily poem, my hosting service was down. I’ll get another up today to get back on track, so all will be right with the world again.

Daily Fly Fishing Poem #16: Council of the Fishes

Last month, I did not remember the winter.
I could not picture the snowy beard,
of winter, there in the fat of midday sun
in summer, but today…

Yes, today the trout are pieces of brilliance
when the curves of their backs have
shaken the cold water,
and they stand arrayed like the sugar maples,
in scarlet and orange
to welcome the coming winter.
I have to admit that maybe
it is not irrational, to consider the
council of the fishes.

what say you?