Daily Fly Fishing Poem #15: Trout Like Seeds

Trout Seeds by Anthony Naples

With this poem, I’m half way through the Daily Fly Fishing Poem project! I have to think of what to do next.

Daily Fly Fishing Poem #15: Trout Like Seeds

Walking up on the stream,
crunching dry grass under my feet,
I’m thinking about the last time it rained.
Pools full of fish, too many fish,
huddled in masses and doing rain dances in
their fishy way.
We drove three hours to fish,
but we don’t take out the rods we
don’t have the heart.

Someday will I walk over dry stream beds
and pick up pods of fish like spent dandelions?
And blow the trout like seeds to float
across the world,
planting trout streams in backyards and
ditches, and along the railroad tracks
and behind the vacant school.

what say you?