Daily Fly Fishing Poem #14: The Drift

Drift by Anthony Naples

Well, here I am on day 14. I have to admit it’s getting a bit tough. But I’m determined to stick it out till the end of the month. If anybody wants to throw any themes my way for future poems feel free.

Daily Fly Fishing Poem #14: The Drift

Sometimes the perfect cast, brings up a trout
as thick around as your leg,
with black spots the size of thumb ends,
and the fish tips up and drifts downstream,
watching, waiting, inspecting,
you say to him quietly “Take it, take it.”
You hold your breath, and reach
downstream as far as you can,
to extend the drift and
you know it can’t last much longer…

2 Comments on Daily Fly Fishing Poem #14: The Drift

  1. Hi: New to this blog. Have you ever seen or heard this brief poem about that mysterious “Phantom Fish”? I do not know the author, but he or she must have been in the twilight of a life of fishing.

    Phantom Fish

    When the days of my earthly fishing cease
    and I enter the meadows of heavenly peace.
    When holier men make trumpets sound,
    I pray that my spirit will often be found
    through life everlasting,
    for you lightly casting,…Phantom fish.

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