Rocky Mountain National Park: Cutthroat

RMNP Cutthroat

Roaring River just before entering Fall River in RMNP

Well I don’t have much to say. Have you ever run out of words? I haven’t posted in quite a while because I haven’t had much worthy to add to the cloud. There is already so much noise pollution floating around on the web I haven’t had the heart to add to it. But I thought a pic or two might not be so bad.

The fish is, I believe a Greenback Cut, though it is hard to tell, and even the biologists have famously made the mistake of misidentification (see article here), so please don’t hold me to that.

The river is the Roaring River.  This pic is in the alluvial fan area of the river where it spills into the Horseshoe Park, and then the Fall River.  The Alluvial Fan was created by a flood resulting from the failure of a dam on Lawn Lake in 1982.  The resulting flood rushed down the Roaring River Valley at a peak flow rate of 18,000 cfs.  When the flood hit the wide valley of Horseshoe Park it slowed down and dropped the boulders (many larger than cars) and rocks that it had been carrying resulting in the alluvial fan.

4 Comments on Rocky Mountain National Park: Cutthroat

  1. Looks like some sweet water to fish. Tenkara anyone? I gotta get out West sometime.

  2. That is a TenkaraUSA Ebisu caught cutthroat by the way. RMNP is an awesome Tenkara destination. The park’s streams are a very manageable size, and most are pretty open without many overhead obstacles. I fished the Ebisu on the Roaring River, Glacier Creek and the Colorado. Highly recommended!

  3. Hell, yeah, RMNP 2 day trip, solo next weekend! My 12ft Iwana is all ready, fly tying production has been stepped up, LOL. Got to get me finally some of the greenbacks, especially since RMNP is my extended backyard. If you guys are in the “hood”, let me know and I will plan a little Tenkara expedition. Tight Lines, -K

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