Inspired by Others #1: Winona Fly Factory

There are numerous Fly Fishing related blogs that I enjoy visiting.   Many of them have  inspiring photos of trout and flies, and fishing destinations.  These images can be a nice escape from the suburbs, a brief journey to another locale, a small trip to Montana, Utah, Wales, Wisconsin or elsewhere.  So I thought it would be fun to use some of these photos as a jumping-off point for some sketches.

The first in this series, was inspired by a nice photo of some  Soft-Hackle Brassies from the Winona Fly Factory blog.  As a fly-tyer there is something so satisfying about looking at a neat row of newly tied flies, so full of hope and promise.  Just what you need in the dead of winter.


Soft Hackle Brassies by Anthony Naples, inspired by photo from Winona Fly Factory

Note: Sketch done with Sketchbook Mobile on an iPod touch, with some post-processing in Photoscape

6 Comments on Inspired by Others #1: Winona Fly Factory

  1. I stink at tying flies (at least picture-worthy flies), so I always like it when those who do tie have a shot of all those little buggers lined up in neat rows. Nice job.

    • Tying flies is like bringing a little order into a chaotic world; fighting against the insistent urge of entropy. And then when they get lined up in a fly box, row upon row…well it’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Nice, for my day job I teach art. I’ve not made the jump to drawing on my iPhone, but it looks like fun. Like you I tie to break away from the rat race.

    Tight lines.

    • I wish that I had the ability to teach art – that seems like it would be a rewarding job.

      As far as making art on the iPod touch, it has gotten me to do some work after years of inactivity (no mess and no clean-up, perfect for a small house). I’m hoping to bust out the paint or printmaking stuff soon. I’ve gotten some encouragement from comments here and elsewhere – so who knows…

  3. Anthony, I think you should break the paints out I know you could make some beautiful art. I dig whats been done here, thank you.

    • Yeah – I need to find the time to make some actual art instead of just pushing pixels. When I do I’ll post it. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

      I have a few more sketches based on pics from your site – I’ll get them up soon. I don’t want to flood the market though

      Thanks for visiting.

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