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I recently came across StoryArc.  This site is the work of David Motes.  He presents fiction and poetry with a fly-fishing or outdoors focus.   He is not going for the usual stories though.  David explains the inception and focus of this project on his website in a section called A Rationale.

I’ve been writing fishing stories and poetry for 30 years, but it’s always been on the back burner, behind jobs that pay, family, novels, actual fishing, and so on.  About once a year I take my bundle on the market, submitting here and selling there.  But ambitious stuff about fishing and the outdoors is not exactly a hot property.   The poetry that gets bought tends to rhyme.  The fiction that sells and reads is of the Santiago genre.  You know it:  man vs. beast, in which the man is old and savvy or young and callow; the beast is hoary, cagy, scar-lipped, monstrous-racked, and endowed with curiously human faculties and attributes.

David Motes

David is interested, not only in presnting his own work, but the work of others.  So – give his page a read, and maybe it will get your creativity flowing too.

In the name of full disclosure I have to reveal that a poem of mine, Ephemera, was recently posted on StoryArc.  Thanks David.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know Anthony. Wonderful poem. Please ask David to use an RSS feed. I can’t follow him with out one. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer.


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