Yellow and Partridge

Yellow and Partridge Soft Hackle

Yellow and Partridge Soft Hackle

Classic Wet Fly: Yellow and Partridge Soft Hackle

Hook: Standard Light Wire Dry Fly or Stout Wet Fly Hook, sizes 10 to 20
Abdomen: Yellow Floss
Rib: Fine Copper Wire
Thorax: Hare’s Ear Dubbing
Collar: Hungarian Partridge

Notes: Use light-wire standard dry-fly hooks for some and stout wet fly hooks for others. This will give you the ability to fish in the surface film, or deeper depending on the hook.

The thorax of hare’s ear dubbing should be dubbed large enough so that it can support the soft hackle -the thorax is there primarily to prevent the partridge hackle from collapsing against the body.

I like the effect of using a copper rib for the appearance of segmentation – not all tyers do this. I feel more confident fishing it with the ribbing though.

Make sure to tie the partridge in very sparse – stripping the hackle fibers from one side of the feather can help to keep it sparse.

Fishing Notes: I haven’t fished this color variation  as much as the Green and Partridge.  I include it though because I’ve  had success with it during  yellow crane-fly activity.  I haven’t yet used it for the Sulphur Hatch, however Dave Hughes in his book Wet Flies, recommends it for this.

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