Black and Blue Egg


The Black and Blue Egg

Recipe: The Black and Blue Egg Hook: Stout Egg or Scud Hook, size 12 used here. * Body: Light Blue and Black Egg Yarn Thread: Fluorescent Pink Other: Brass Bead

Notes: After installing the bead head, I like to wrap some small lead wire on the hook shank (about 6 or 7 wraps) and then push this into the hollow part of the bead-head.  Then build up a small “neck” of thread behind the bead to keep it in place.

Wrap a base of the tying thread.  Tie the egg yarn in on the top of the hook with two tight wraps.  Then wind thread around these wraps -under the yarn (but over the shank) almost like you’re making a parachute post.  This keeps the egg on the top of the shank and out of the hook gape.

*When in a pinch (or to save money) use inexpensive Eagle Claw, plain shank hooks (unsnelled of course).  They’re very stout, strong hooks, that hold up to fighting those steelhead very well.  The advantage is that you can usually get these more readily than fly-tying hooks (at the big retailers).

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